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Tailor-Made Training Solutions to Develop Your Most Valuable Asset

At The Mind Takeaway, we believe your people are your most valuable assets. That's why we offer tailor-made training solutions that suit your business culture and facilitate increased engagement. We support leaders navigating fast-paced, technology-driven, ever-changing hybrid workplaces where volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity are commonplace.

Our customised workshops and training solutions are designed to engage everyone in your organisation, from managers to teams, to learn and develop the essential leadership skills required to create safe and inclusive workplaces. Our expert coaches will work with you to identify your needs and design a customised program that meets your goals.

"Myself and the team benefitted greatly from our workshop with Mira and Pete. Not only did they help us learn new ways in understanding each other, but also tapped into the leadership ability in all of us. I would highly recommend!

Megan Gill, Head of Recruitment @ Xena | Founding Team | DE+I

Some examples of our work with teams and organisations include :
Leadership Development Programs: Our programs help managers build the skills and knowledge they need to lead effectively and inspire their teams to achieve their goals.

Effective Communication Training: Communication is vital to any successful business. Our training solutions will help your team communicate more effectively, build stronger relationships, and achieve better results.


Strategy and Team Building Sessions: Our strategy and team building sessions are designed to help your team align around a shared vision, develop a plan to achieve it, and build a culture of collaboration and innovation.


Diversity and Inclusion Workshops: Diversity and inclusion are essential to a successful business. Our workshops will help your team understand the benefits of diversity, overcome unconscious biases, and create an inclusive workplace culture.

Creativity and Innovation Workshops: Innovation is the lifeblood of any successful business. Our workshops will help your team think more creatively, develop new ideas, and find new solutions to your business's challenges.


Intercultural Relationships Workshops: In today's global business environment, it's essential to understand and respect different cultures. Our workshops will help your team build strong relationships with colleagues from diverse backgrounds, avoid cultural misunderstandings, and work effectively across borders.


Building Resilience and Dealing with Stress Workshops: Resilience and stress management are essential skills in today's fast-paced business environment. Our workshops will help your team build resilience, manage stress, and perform at their best, even in challenging circumstances.

Psychological Safety Workshops: Psychological safety is critical to any thriving workplace. Our workshops will help your team understand how to create a safe and supportive workplace culture.


DISCLAIMER: Our group work can lead to a real leap in clarity, creativity, empowerment, trust, and engagement.

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