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Mira Culic 

Transformational &
Leadership Coach
Mira Culic Griffiths

Mira is a transformational and leadership coach, co-founder of the Mind Takeaway, and co-host of the Mind Takeaway podcast. 


Through her work, Mira focuses on guiding people to mental clarity and helping them cast aside limiting beliefs. It’s both her goal and her passion to lead people to more peace, confidence, and authenticity in their personal and professional lives.


Mira’s dedication to others stems from her own first-hand experience with trauma, loss, and pain. In 1991, on Mira’s 12th birthday, war broke out in her childhood home of the former Yugoslavia, forcing Mira and her family to become refugees. Having seen such a harrowing side of humanity, she felt compelled to spend her life serving others.


Mira graduated from Medical University in Belgrade, Serbia with a Bachelor of Science in physiotherapy. She has also earned an Advanced Diploma in hypnotherapy, counselling, and psychology, as well as a diploma in cognitive behavioral therapy and advanced pain management.


Before becoming a transformational coach, Mira worked as a physiotherapist and established a medical rehab centre in the Middle East. Over the years, she has lived and worked in Serbia, the United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, and Germany, giving her a unique perspective on the value of embracing diversity. 


Having gone through her own struggle to understand her identity and overcome inhibiting beliefs, Mira realized that our limitations and behaviours come from fear, insecurity, and narrow self-perception—all of which can be changed. Through this understanding, she has been able to become a more authentic and compassionate leader, and she aims to support other leaders through the same life-changing transformation.

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