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Read what clients have said about their experience of working with us.
Margherita Sgorbissa / Program Manager People, Culture & Community / Least Authority 
The Authentic Leadership Development Program is way more than just a program to improve your leadership skills. For me, it was an amazing transformative experience that offered me life-changing tools to rethink myself as a leader, my interaction with others, and my vision for a career and a life with more impact. The program offered me so many valuable chances to grow, progress, and gain concrete insights. What I have learned and experienced in the program helped me become a better person, and therefore a better leader for myself, with myself but also with others and for the others. If you are looking for a journey for self-improvement and impactful outcome, this is exactly what you need!
Abinaya Kamaraj / Research Engeneer 
I was in a confused state of my mind towards my career direction. Deciding to start a session with Mira was probably one of the best decisions I took in recent times. She was very friendly and insightful, and her approach makes you realize all possible answers by yourself. When I opened up my chaotic thoughts and feelings to her, she helped me to get a clear actionable perspective about it. The sessions led me to see my internal struggles and blockages clearly. She helped me to gain amazing confidence to tackle possible challenges that may arise based on my decision. At the end of our sessions, I came out with such a nice clarity that I could use in any decision-making situations I come across in the future.
Olga Voskoboinikova / Product Design Lead / Billie
ALP led me to discover what’s holding me back and brought me the confidence to pursue what truly matters for my career and personal life. If you’re interested in unlocking new possibilities and rediscovering the best in yourself through the power of a coaching group, you’ll get out of this training more human and with new perspectives that will challenge your world views for the better.
Luca Lea Kleine / Co-Founder / whylab
When I think back to the ALB my heart (and mind) warms - it has been an incredible experience. ALP not only gave me a time and space to reflect on a regular basis but has brought me so much closer to feeling completely comfortable with myself. I truly encourage everyone to try the format - I am sure you will love it and benefit from it just as much as I did!
Hristo Peev / Customer Service Specialist / Booking.com 
The Authentic Leadership Development has been and will always be a very valuable lesson of exploring inner psychological strengths and vulnerabilities throughout my life. I learned that once we are truly ourselves, authentic, we discover that we are much more capable than we actually think. I have also realized, the power of reflection and being present in the moment can be an amazing “teacher”, even subconsciously.
Sen Zhan / UX Designer / Podcaster
The Authentic Leadership Program is steady and consistent. In contrast to the short-but-intense approach that many workshops take, the ALP was paced deliberately to allow participants to ease into the space of relating to one another and feeling the incremental changes of each week stack up. Over the course of 3 months, I felt myself counting on the structure of our Thursday evening meetings to bring things up I had been pondering over the week, challenges I was facing in my own growth, and watching and learning from my co-participants on how they handled situations that I at times found challenging. 
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Claudia Topp / Wellbeing Producer
Peter's coaching has not only inspired me but has taught me valuable advice for finding a career. He truly gets you and believes in your abilities. Peter's approach and energy is contagious. He sparked my drive and ambition to be more confident and believe in who I can be.
Felix Krassakis / Operations Manager
Every minute spent coaching with Peter is priceless and one of the most important realisations for me was that it is not important to know how everything is done, but just to do it regardless. Through his approach I was able to regain confidence and courage which, until I met Peter, thought I had lost for good.
Matthew Orange / Global CI Process Specialist / Just Eat - Takeaway.com
I always used to make excuses "can't do this or that because xyz". Truth was I was scared to take chances or trust in others, Peter helped me realise that I already had everything I needed to succeed, so I wasn't really ever taking a chance.
K KIM Image THIS.jpeg
Kristina Kim / UI Designer
Peter helped me to develop a strategy of actions and thoughts that led me to a happier, more fulfilling, successful and diverse lifestyle. As an exceptional coach and mentor, Peter encouraged me to regain confidence and faith in myself, my own abilities and talents.
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Simon Day / Senior Pricing Analyst
I’ve been having sessions via Skype with Mira, I have found these sessions to be extremely beneficial and have helped me tremendously to manage my stress and anxiety levels. I have found Mira’s approach to be very professional; she is able to provide a calming influence with the ability to really offer practical advice on how to deal with your problems. 
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Chiara Amadori / Learning and Development Specialist / Coach Hub

The most amazing thing about that it's how natural the whole process has been. I effortless treasured the useful tips you passed down to me and I feel more aware and mature. I'm sure that one of the greatest aspects of the honourable task you committed to is mutual growth, that is why I wanted to share my feedback with you. 

Béranger Gras / Professional Musician
I never thought doing what you love for a living could ever cause tons of stress. Being in the thick of it, it's often very difficult to take a step back. Mira has helped me go through emotional and physical burn out, and realize everything is ok. Even when we think it will never be. She consistently shows understanding, patience, and her guidance is something I can only highly recommend to others. 
Todd James / Professional Musician
A few years ago I found myself certain that I was insane. I decided to totally open up to Mira as I had hit rock bottom in my mind. As I confessed my crazy thoughts and feelings of insanity to Mira she looked at me in a way that totally shocked me. She was completely judgement free, accepting and made feel like I was so much more than my thoughts. For the first time in years I felt like I'm actually O.K. This was the vital beginning to my healing with Mira.