Peter Griffiths

Leadership Coach
Creativity & Innovation Consultant

Peter is a leadership coach, creativity and innovation consultant, co-founder of the Mind Takeaway, and co-host of the Mind Takeaway podcast. 


Peter is committed to helping individuals, teams, and organisations embrace originality, realise their creative potential, and adopt a human-centric approach to organisational leadership. 


Over the last two decades, Peter has served as a people manager for large-scale organisations around the world, including Orange Telecom in the United Kingdom and Zurich International Life in the United Arab Emirates. He is also a Certified Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) Practitioner and Certified CLARITY Coach.


Throughout his career, Peter has discovered how to maximise individuals’ potential and create the right conditions for creativity and innovation to flourish. By fostering diverse thinking and developing a psychologically safe environment, Peter is skilled at bringing out the best in others and building high-performing teams.


Aside from his leadership and coaching work, Peter is also an electronic musician and audio engineer. He has performed at numerous festivals and clubs, including the Glastonbury and Creamfields festivals. Balancing such diverse careers has helped Peter bring the benefits of creativity into a work context and given him valuable experience in problem-solving and people management.


Knowing first-hand the value of communication and self-reflection, Peter seeks to help clients reconnect with their own wisdom, creativity, and passion.