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Through continual exploration to transform people's lives for the better, Mira and Peter went on a journey of curiosity to explore the mind and what it means to be ok, from a psychological perspective. 

With both of them having Leadership roles in the past, they understood what it takes to show up creatively and be an authentic leader in today's challenging and often confusing landscape. Their experience uncovered a systemic lack of humanity in the workplace, high levels of stress and pressure, plus a lack of clarity of how to find a way forward. 

Having discovered what it means to lead, be of service and impact the people around them, they decided to guide others, and offer coaching and mentorship to those bold enough to make lasting changes in their lives and regenerate, rather than sustain the world around them.

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Meet The Team

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Mira Culic Griffiths

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Co-Founder, Transformational and Clarity Coach to Leaders, Entrepreneurs & Executive Teams,

Consultant to Digital Health and Medical Startups

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Peter Griffiths

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Co-Founder, Leadership and Creativity Coach - Mentor at European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (EISMEA) - Women Leadership Programme

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