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Deepening Human Connection 

Thursday 14th November

at Moxy Berlin Ostbahnhof

Humans are very aware of the importance of connection; connection to nature, connection to ourselves and to other people. To deepen that connection we have created many means of communication and sharing information starting from the telegraph and radio to the internet and social media networks. We share information, words, our thoughts and ideas with others instantly. However, it is interesting to see in an age of technology and an abundance of means for connecting and communicating we are becoming more disconnected from one another. 


What are we missing here? 


What is getting in the way? 


What can we do about it? 


During this workshop, we want to point you inwards, towards that missing part so you can experience and understand what real human connection feels like. We want you to see what is standing in the way between you and others so that you can take meaningful action.


Some of the symptoms of disconnection are increased levels of stress, restrained personal relationships, loneliness, lack of creativity and loss for meaning in life. 


Do you think your life would be easier and have more meaning if your connection with people and the world around you could improve? 


If your answer is Yes, then this workshop is for you.



**The organization of this workshop is powered by Treffen is a Berlin-based startup creating a trusted network of hand-picked physical spaces for self-made professionals. At treffen, we understand the limitations and loneliness of your professional lifestyle and pair you with other professionals at unused Berlin spaces to help you customize your work routine and engage in-person. treffen is ideal for solo-work, meetings, workshops, meetups, and more. Join the treffen community for free at or write us with specific questions to

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Thriving in Times of Uncertainty 

Thursday 10 th October

at Moxy Berlin Ostbahnhof

This workshop is designed to help you overcome fears of the unknown and make good decisions for your future.

Doing something new, embarking on a new project, first time speaking in public, pitching in front of investors, changing jobs, being promoted, leaving your job and starting something on your own, moving to another country, starting a new relationship, leaving old relationship and so on, are all situations where we are faced with the unknown and sometimes we experience uncomfortable feelings, that can often creep up on you. On the other hand, you might have already made a decision and stepped into a new life just to find yourself overly stressed, doubting your decisions and maybe even thinking about giving up…


There is a way forward. The unknown is a mental space of wonder and we can effectively use it to create solutions to problems, get insights and create goals. However, because of our protective mechanisms, we can often experience uncomfortable feelings that often come when we start something new or even just thinking about it can trigger uncomfortable feelings.


This workshop is designed to help you gain clarity, start seeing more opportunities, get you refreshed, excited about the future and we will show you how to break some of your old patterns of stressful thinking.

Should there be any volunteers, we will coach someone during our time together.

Price of the workshop is 16 euro and includes coffee or tea and a bottle of water.

With Love,

Peter & Mira 





The organization of this workshop is powered by Treffen' is a network of bookable on-demand spaces for professionals to meet and work from. It is designed for YOU to easily find and book a space with the best fit for your job to be done.

Our service is non-membership and offers a wide range of spaces that differ by location and atmosphere. Interested to join our Beta? Sign up at

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Understanding &

Transforming Relationships

We are happy to announce our second workshop in Berlin and this time it is on the subject of relationships. The first workshop was the basis and introduction to how we function as humans, what we do unconsciously and how we take ourselves in and out of clarity & peace of mind. Participants were particularly interested in the subject of interpersonal connection, fear of judgement and clarity of communication so our next obvious step is to deepen our understanding through the subject of relationships; mending broken ones, re-connecting and creating strong relationships based on love and understanding.


All relationships have the same in terms of how our mind works and it is how we relate to each other regardless of who the other person is; your partner, boss, Son, mother, father, brother, sister, neighbour, etc.

Relationships are not fixed and that they are all different, there are not the same as each other, however, we still tend to think there is a certain “type” of relationship we must achieve or create with the people in our lives. We have lots of ideas about relationships; how they should or should not be, judgements about people we relate to and ourselves, opinions about the past and expectations about the future which all stands in the way between us and the person or group we are relating to.

So far, through our work and personal experience, we have learned that fixing a relationship (ourselves or another person) is really hard work and often creates more separation between the two. What works every time is understanding some simple truths about relationships in general and ourselves. You can then have a great foundation to allow any relationship to thrive, without the need to feel you have to control anything.

Some of the most important and useful aspects we will look into and discuss during this workshop are:


- the CONNECTION that is ever present

- COMMUNICATION in the form of listening

- EXPECTATIONS we have created

- DIFFERENT REALITIES we all live in and experience


We would like to invite you to join our next workshop and learn something useful that can help you relate with the

people around you and your loved ones.

With Love,

Peter & Mira 


The Clarity &

Peace of Mind

Why are we doing this?

We have noticed an increasing number of people struggling to cope with stress, anxiety and a feeling of instability. We live in a technology-powered future, the world around us is rapidly changing and we know that the only time we make good decisions is when they come from the space of peace and love and not from fear. Organising these workshops is our way to give back to society, share our knowledge and help you find peace, love, creativity and resilience that we all carry within ourselves. 

What can you experience as a result of attending this workshop?

After doing transformation work for many years we have noticed that initially during workshops people experience certain a quietness and absence of overthinking, participants often experience insights that lead to changes in their behaviour and emotional responses. 


Over a longer period, we tend to notice changes at work and in our personal life that are a direct consequence of the insights coming from a quieter mind. We experience the power of being and you may benefit from the following:

  • CREATIVITY (solving problems faster and easier)

  • RESILIENCE (we no longer fear mistakes and see them as opportunities to learn, we stress less and enjoy life more, we focus on what we want rather than what we don't want)

  • MAKE BETTER DECISIONS  (be able to take action and move on)

  • HEALTHIER RELATIONSHIPS (improve listening skills, Build stronger, connections and react less in times of conflicts) 

  • HEALTHIER FAMILIES (happen as a consequence of a calm and clear mind and a sense of 

  • HEALTHY SOCIETY (the way we interact with each other changes when we are clear-headed, we start to care more, have less fear and take action to improve our personal health and environment) 

How do we do it?

Our job is to show you how the mind works and point you to who you really are through experiential learning and as your understanding grows you will start to notice prolonged periods of having a clear mind, you will connect with your intuition and gradually change the way you think, feel and behave. 


We are not forcing any changes from the outside with more things to do, restricting and controlling thought, but instead nudging the same change gently from the inside, through an understanding of ourselves and how we created beliefs, feelings, and behaviour we live through 100% of the time.  This workshop is based on the same principles which have been used to transform problematic communities, improve the wellbeing of students schools and universities, plus some prison systems have also used this understanding to point inmates towards a different path and away from a life of violence and separation.


We hope you will join us. 


With Love, Peter & Mira 

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