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Some of the immediate results reported by Bootcamp attendees during and after our time together 
Authentic Leadership Project 2020.jpeg
They noticed:
  • Less stress and restlessness 
  • Less fixing and changing things

  • Less pressure

They became:
  • More reflective and less reactive 
  • More compassionate with themselves and others

  • Accepting of change and in peace with uncomfortable feelings 

They learned:
  • To tap into their resilience and source of confidence
  • Understand others and improve listening skills

  • How to handle challenging situations 

They felt:
  • More comfortable in their own skin
  • Incremental changes stack up week by week

  • More in sinc with their intuition

They experienced:
  • Their vulnerability as a strength, not a weakness
  • Their wisdom in action

  • Clearer communication and forged deeper connections

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