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Are you are a business owner, entrepreneur or a startup founder?


Do you have a problem that needs solving, a barrier to overcome, are you feeling stuck? Is moving forward a bit slow or painful?


You know you need help with something, but you don’t know what it is and whom to ask?


Maybe it’s going well, but you want to progress faster and scale up?


If the answer is yes to any of the above, then this is the right event for you to get some answers and gain clarity.



We are 4 internationally experienced Executive Coaches and Mentors with years of real-world knowledge in the field of leadership,

management and entrepreneurship in a number of industries. We can help you get clarity on how to take your business in the direction you want.


We teamed up to run a free, one-hour mentoring session. You will have the opportunity to ask us questions and each of us will take it, in turn, to answer your questions or offer a suggestion as to how to resolve a particular issue.

You can then choose the mentor most suited to help you and arrange to have a separate free one hour 1:2:1 consultation.



Once you sign up we will send you joining instructions and further details.

We look forward to helping you get clarity and providing answers to your questions.



Meet the full team of coaches working on this project:


Mira Culic Griffiths - Co-Founder of The Mind Takeaway LTD, Consultancy and Coaching Company She can help you regain and maintain clarity of mind, make decisions with a clear head, connect with your wisdom, improve communication and your relationships with people around you. Her clients include artists, performers, leaders and lately she works with teams who are under the pressure to perform on the highest level.

Peter Griffiths  - Creative and Exec Coach  - Managing Director of the Mind Takeaway LTD, Consultancy and Coaching Company He helps business leaders and entrepreneurs connect to their creative side and innovate in times of uncertainty and volatility. His unique background of both the music industry experience and also as a Leader in internet and technology companies, allows him to provide real value,  by leveraging two very different worlds, one of structure and discipline working for large organisations and the innovation and creativity of the music industry. Peter helps to remove those large obstacles when it comes to problem-solving and delivering tangible results for his clients.


Marlena O’Donnell is a Resilience and Results Coach, showing people the way to cope with various life events and difficulties. She has personal experience of overcoming challenges as well as professional experience of coaching and mentoring clients both privately and in a business environment to achieve results they want.


Robin Raine is a grounded Executive Leadership & Transformation coach, facilitating the space to allow fresh thinking on the difficulties which hold the individual and the business back, delivering innovative solutions from insights and wisdom any leader would be thankful for.

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Sustainability in Business

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Creativity & Innovation

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