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Humans are very aware of the importance of connection; connection to nature, connection to ourselves and to other people. To deepen that connection we have created many means of communication and sharing information starting from the telegraph and radio to the internet and social media networks. We share information, words, our thoughts and ideas with others instantly. However, it is interesting to see in an age of technology and an abundance of means for connecting and communicating we are becoming more disconnected from one another. 


What are we missing here? 


What is getting in the way? 


What can we do about it? 


During this workshop, we want to point you inwards, towards that missing part so you can experience and understand what real human connection feels like. We want you to see what is standing in the way between you and others so that you can take meaningful action.


Some of the symptoms of disconnection are increased levels of stress, restrained personal relationships, loneliness, lack of creativity and loss for meaning in life. 


Do you think your life would be easier and have more meaning if your connection with people and the world around you could improve? 


If your answer is Yes, then this workshop is for you.

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