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Join us this year in Liverpool to learn from people who are masters in

Navigating Uncertainty and Change in a Challenging World

Background and for what purpose?

Exploring the value of looking inwards, through human connection and sharing our stories. We decided to explore the topic of uncertainty and change given the current challenges we are all facing as we head into a new decade.

Would you like to know more? 

Soon we will be announcing more details about the conference who will be our guest speakers, date and specific topics our speakers will be covering. To stay in touch and receive details as we publish them please subscribe via this form. 

Additionally, in the same form, you can if you would like to send us a message answering the question: What causes most of the anxiety in your life these days? 


This will help us to choose topics relevant to most of the population. Thank you!


All your answers are strictly confidential and will not be used in any other purposes. 

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