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The path to becoming a great leader does not lie in learning more tools and techniques. How many books are out there on the topic of leadership that makes sense to download to your Kindle or buy a real book, only to get back into the real world to deposit those books into the nearest drawer in your office or never get a chance to read them, never to be looked at again? Why is that? Even the ones you did get round to reading, did you actually implement anything that was mentioned in those nuggets of wisdom or steps to follow? I know we rarely did and there was always something missing.


Sustainable leadership requires making a conscious decision to show up each day, listen to your people, act with transparency and show compassion. Those three things alone, combined with embracing your creative side will give you great leverage in your career, help support you in driving employee engagement and have your back when things get tough (because there will be challenges) and pave the way to you being a sustainable leader. You might ask, great, but how do I do that? What skills do I have to learn before I can go out and be a leader?


There are skills you can hone for sure, such as improving your listening skills, learning how to be more creative, delivering feedback and how to communicate to any given audience. However, none of the above will ever be more effective than showing up, being you (your authentic self), being of service and acting with compassion. 


It's all about how you show up as a leader and the action you take will define what happens next. Be present because you want to really make a difference, not because you have to. Engage with people, listen to them and go work with your teams and see what is really happening. That's what real leadership looks like.  


In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Show up and be present 

  • Connect with people

  • Drive engagement 

  • Do what makes sense vs what doesn't


Want to know more, then join us on the 20th of November and we will show you how to be a creative leader.

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