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"One of the most positive influences of corporate culture I’ve ever worked with"
"A real rockstar when it comes to adding value to his audience"
"Way more than just a program to improve your leadership skills"
"I got to know me better as a leader and understand how to prepare for opportunities"

Leaders to Legends

A unique experiential learning experience ...

Modern Work Space
What you will learn how to:
  • Create a plan that will transform the way you lead

  • Transform your team's and your own performance

  • Embrace fear and prepare for opportunities

  • Lead from a place of creativity and innovation

  • Ignite your team's passion and leverage their ideas

Modern Work Space

One and a Half Day 

Dynamic Experiential Learning

Date: November, 2021

Location: Online 


In our work globally with organisations large and small, we see a gap in solutions and support designed for middle managers and small business owners. 

You are in a unique and complex position requiring a custom-designed and different approach to successfully navigating uncertainty and leading confidently. 

We came together to give you foundations in overcoming limitations, engaging in the creative process and creating a clear plan forward. 

Built-in sustainability: Unlike other workshops, you will benefit from coaching support post-event to ensure your learning and growth continue.


No more boring lectures, dusty certificates and workbooks left on the shelf. 


Paul Rosenberg 
Award-Winning Leadership
and Performance

Works with American Airlines, British Petroleum, Honeywell and the US Navy’s new Ford Carrier Class...

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Mira Culic 
Authentic Leadership
and Communication 

Works with CEO's, entrepreneurs and senior leadership teams. 

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Peter Griffiths 
Creativity, Leadership
and High Performance

Works with CEO's, Leaders and Creatives at Booking .com, Zurich Insurance, Orange.

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