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the mind takeaway.

Connecting you to your infinite source of wisdom, resilience and creativity


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We won’t give you more to think about or do, we will help you to take away what is getting in the way of your life now and the life you want to live

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Felix Krassakis

Every minute spent coaching with Peter is priceless and one of the most important realisations for me was that it is not important to know how everything is done, but just to do it regardless.

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Matthew Orange

I always used to make excuses "can't do this or that because xyz". Truth was I was scared to take chances or trust in others, Peter helped me realise that I already had everything I needed to succeed, 

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Todd James

A few years ago I found myself certain that I was insane. I decided to totally open up to Mira as I had hit rock bottom in my mind. As I confessed my crazy thoughts and feelings of insanity to Mira she looked at 

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Chiara Amadori

Even though we only took a few steps together, I feel I've been definitely addressed in the right direction. The path might be long and I will for sure meet traps on my way,  but wouldn't it be too boring otherwise? 

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Peter Griffiths

We are only stuck when we start to believe stories we tell ourselves.


Creativity comes as naturally as breathing air. 


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Mira Griffiths

Regardless of what anyone says about you or what you think about yourself, you are much better, stronger, resilient, creative and capable than you can even imagine! 


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