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For Global Senior Female Leaders

FREEDOM TO BE YOU is a one-month program for senior female leaders, designed to help you learn to relax and increase your awareness of your own unique strengths. 

Do you feel that as a female leader, you can’t let your guard down and relax?

Do you always feel like you have to be fully prepared, with all the answers? 

Do you often feel that you have to be tougher and more aggressive than your male counterparts

in order to be heard and get things done?

Do you believe that showing vulnerability would result in a loss of respect

from your peers, direct reports and senior management?

You’ve gotten where you are today by being a strong, driven leader who has everything under control —

all at the cost of many long hours, plenty of stress and no small amount of anxiety. I’ve been there myself,

to the point that I ended up quitting. It seemed like the only solution. 

We let our imposter syndrome, insomnia, anxiety and increased stress levels escalate to such extremes

because we believe that letting go and showing vulnerability would be professional suicide.

But what if you could be vulnerable and authentic without losing any impact, respect or power?

What if you could achieve more peace, confidence and freedom?

How open and ready are you to find out? 


One Day Workshop

121 Coaching Post Workshop

Small Group of Inspiring Women​

One Month of Experiential Learning

Start Date: 20th January 2022

Location: Online 

Investment: $2,499 / €2,099

This program is no longer available for January 2022.

If you are interested to join our next group, send us an email or subscribe to our news letter. 


Mira Culic, a transformational and leadership coach, co-founder of the Mind Takeaway, and co-host of the Mind Takeaway podcast. 


When civil war broke out in former Yugoslavia on her 12th birthday her small town became the epicentre of some of the worse fighting and destruction that humans are capable of. She became a refugee, a citizen with no rights often criticised for who she is. That experience guided her towards the work she does today.


Since then she set up and managed rehab centres in the Middle East, and worked in four countries, Serbia, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom and Germany.

Soul Photography _Portrait_TheMindTakeAway_180806-9.jpg

Jan Griffiths is the President and Founder of Gravitas Detroit, a company committed to transform the work experience by breaking the mold of corporate leadership.

Jan moved to the United States at 23. She made her mark and rose through the corporate ranks, ultimately serving as Chief Procurement Officer for a $3 billion, Tier-1 global automotive supplier. Her success earned her a spot on Automotive News’ list of the 100 Leading Women in the North American Auto Industry.

Jan hosts the Finding Gravitas podcast where she interviews some of the finest leadership minds in the quest for Gravitas.

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