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Experience Freedom  

4 - week online group coaching course with Mira & Peter Griffiths

“People’s lives become what they think is possible.” Roger Mills

When we are experiencing fear, pain, stress and low feelings, we naturally focus on those feelings and what we think is causing them (other people, jobs, how we look, etc.) in an attempt to make changes in our lives. This is hard work and we can often end up playing blame games with ourselves and others, mistakenly trying to solve problems from the same state of mind that created them in the first place.

     “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them.” Albert Einstein 


What we will be doing during our time together on this course is tapping into and exploring a big part of our minds that contains solutions for all our problems and the beautiful feelings we are are all for, a place you might call home. We are also going to explore a place not many people are looking at, a place that exists before beliefs, labels, religion, nationality and anything else that stops you to live your life more freely.


If you would like to experience more freedom, clarity, peace, love and creativity in your life regardless of how impossible it may seem to you right now, this is the right place to start.

What can you expect to experience as a result of you attending? 

More clarity and creativity.

Better connection with people around you.

An inner sense of security and peace of mind. 

Prolonged periods of peace regardless of the circumstance you are in. 


Course Details

Location: Online Platform, the course is delivered via - all participants will receive login details before the course starts 

When: Starting Wednesday 18th September 2019  and running for 4 weeks (consecutive), every Wednesday from

7 PM - 9 PM (Berlin)

Every live session will be recorded and the recordings will be posted in a shared Google folder within a few hours for those of you who can't join us live. 

Between the sessions, all participants can interact, ask questions and share THEIR experiences in a private Facebook group that is created for this purpose only. 

Cost: 185 euro

1st session: Exploring OUR Inner Source of Peace, Freedom and Wellbeing


2nd session: Exploring the Creative Power of Thought - (how is our experience created and what drives our behaviour) 


3rd session: Exploring Connection with Ourselves and Others


4th session: Exploring Wisdom & Insight to Guide us Through Life


Relationships Workshop 1.jpeg

If you have any questions or want to inquire about this and future courses please contact Mira, 


"Something I learned in the calls was the constant reminder that everything is ok. Many emotional and strong thoughts lose their power as Mira and Peter bring the thought to the surface and discover the fallacy of thought." - T.J.

"I want to say thank you for bringing me into the group call sessions with you and others. I've never would have done it on my own! I am a cheerful person but don't like talking about myself a lot and never in front of strangers. It was nice and truly eye-opening for me. 

I am not enough and others are thinking that I am not good enough was my other issue which kinda evaporated in thin air because we spoke about it. I accepted the way I am and what I know and can do. Now, I am taking myself the way I am and don't listen to the fear in my head."  - S.P.

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