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Individual Coaching

connect to your infinite source of wisdom, resilience & creativity

We're only stuck when we start to believe the stories we tell ourselves.

We are here to help you address personal struggles, find solutions to problems and address overwhelming professional demands. The product of our work together leads to understanding how our minds create all of our experiences, which consequently points you to your own source of wisdom, resilience, creativity and wellbeing. 

Individual coaching is usually done over a period of time 3, 6 or 12 months all depending on what your goals are. 

Contact us and we will first schedule a short conversation over the Skype, ZOOM or phone. 

After that, we will schedule an intake session to find out more details on what you want to achieve and how we can help you.  

How do you know that Individual coaching is right for your?     

  • You are an executive and you want to grow and lead your company or a team in the right direction of tangible results and want to do so with a fresh perspective. 


  • You are noticing that your creativity and enthusiasm for work have declined and you want to get back on track.


  • You are an entrepreneur under a lot of stress, often feeling down and doubtful in your own abilities.  


  • You want to be better at what you do and you want to experience more joy in work and communication with people. 


  • You are an artist or a creative person that has lost your spark and you would like re-ignite your passion for creativity.


  • You are going through some turbulent times and you would like to began to enjoy life again.

Want to know what we can do for you ?

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