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The Leadership leverage points document is a framework for Leaders.
Any change you make at these points will influence your overall performance. We have mapped 3 of these leverages as well as leadership skills and attributes they have a direct effect on.

You don't have to become someone else to be a great leader.

Developing these three skills will help you unlock your authentic leadership style and support you in leading with confidence. 

Do you want to be more confident and trust your abilities as a leader?


Would you like to build trust easily and improve your communication with others? 

 Do you want to open the door to innovation and prepare for opportunities?

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We’ve created a list of the leadership skills that are directly influenced by these 3 Leadership Leverage Points
PDF 3 Leadership Leverage Points (1).jpg

It’s what we teach in our Authentic Leadership Bootcamp and now we are sharing it with you.

It shows you: 
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  • Which leverage point corresponds to a particular leadership skill

  • What you need to focus on to be a successful leader that people will follow 

  • How improving one leverage point affects all the leadership skills linked to it   

Everyone can be a leader. In fact, everyone is a leader they just don't know it yet! 

At The Mind Takeaway, we are developing a New Generation of Authentic and Creative Leaders


Margherita Scorbissa 

The Authentic Leadership Bootcamp is way more than just a program to improve your leadership skills. For me, it was an amazing transformative experience that offered me life-changing tools to rethink myself as a leader, my interaction with others, and my vision for a career and a life with more impact. The program offered me so many valuable chances to grow, progress, and gain concrete insights. What I have learned and experienced in the program helped me become a better person, and therefore a better leader for myself, with myself but also with others and for the others. If you are looking for a journey for self-improvement and impactful outcome, this is exactly what you need!

Hristo Peev

“The Authentic Leadership Project” has been and will always be a very valuable lesson of exploring inner psychological strengths and vulnerabilities throughout my life. I learned that once we are truly ourselves, authentic, we discover that we are much more capable than we actually think. I have also realized, the power of reflection and being present in the moment can be an amazing “teacher”, even subconsciously.

Olga Voskoboinkova 

APL led me to discover what’s holding me back and brought me the confidence to pursue what truly matters for my career and personal life. If you’re interested in unlocking new possibilities and rediscovering the best in yourself through the power of a coaching group, you’ll get out of this training more human and with new perspectives that will challenge your world views for the better. 


I always used to make excuses "can't do this or that because of xyz". The truth was I was scared to take chances or trust in others, you helped me realise that I already had everything I needed to succeed, so I wasn't really ever taking a chance.

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Peter and Mira are the founders of The Mind Takeaway, a coaching and consultancy company. They are also hosts of The Mind Takeaway Podcast, where they explore our innate capacity to lead, be creative, draw on our own resilience and build human connection in an age of technology, digitisation and information overload.

Their mission is to develop a new generation of authentic and creative leaders, who engage people with confidence, build better relationships, act with integrity and navigate in times of uncertainty. 

Having both gained leadership experience in their own right, over their 20 - year careers working for companies internationally, in Healthcare, Telecommunications, Insurance, Online Travel and Technology Companies. Peter and Mira have developed, coached, mentored and transformed hundreds of people managers into great leaders. 


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